Our Work

We are not the best creative studios around, nor we are the leading animation house in Mumbai, we are a team that delivers the desired quality in the allocated price within the allotted time.

Our portfolio ranges from designing brand identities and communications to bringing designs and character to life in any form or style of animation and we love ‘fixing it in post’.

VFX-Animation Showreel 2016-2017


Marketers today achieve their goals of reaching people by communicating with their customers anywhere at any place! However, the matter of concern is how to reach and target your customers in this era of competition when there is content in bulk everywhere you tend to look!

The answer to all your questions is— creativity and uniqueness! This is what draws the line between the best and the rest. In today's market, only unique and different ones remain while rest are just lurking somewhere in the background.

And, how should one attain that? Well, we at Film Garage provide you with innumerable means to reach your audiences in interesting ways. After all, people only remember something that is different from the others. No matter what kind of content you want, we provide it with all! From the very basics like 2d, 2.5d, 3d animations to moving films.

No, we do not claim to be the best out there, neither do we claim to be renowned but what we claim to do is to provide you with what you desire! In addition, one another important factor is the reasonable prices at which we provide you with these services! We first understand what you really want and desire for the brand identity or the content to look like, and plan accordingly.

We have a very creative and well-experienced team that works with fresh minds with new ideas every day so as to provide you with fresh and amazing services.
The result of our creative content leads the customers to connect with you and also further share your product with more people. They follow your content, and consequently invest and associate with your product or services. Thus, increasing your sales and also the brand identity in the market!

The portfolio of our company includes developing brand identities and communications to putting your brand or any other character that you desire to live in many forms and designs or also as animations.

The benefits that you will be enjoying are listed below:

1. Grab the attention of your customers:
With Film Garage you can grab the attention of the customers that you want with the quality content that we develop to help your product stand out in the crowd of thousands.

2. Get customized 360 content solution:
It helps you to gain more exposure, more engagement that will eventually be really beneficial for your product as the customers will be attracted towards your product.

3. Provide you with high-quality creative content:
At the time of such rush, where everyone is running behind what is different and creative, it is very important to have high-quality content to do the talking for your product and services so that you do not fade away in the crowd.

4. Get appealing content:
Another advantage of associating with Film Garage is that we provide you with really attractive content that you desire for your product and services that will surely have a great impression on your customers.

5. Provide you more brand impact:
We tend to provide you services at reasonable prices, so that your brand will gain identity among your customers and so that people will like and associate with your brand.

6. Hike up the sales:
When a number of people like your products, the slate rate is bound to go up and so will your profit and brand!
Now that you know the benefits of choosing us for taking up your brand name, do not wait any longer.